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Heidi Best MA - Painting

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Through painting and printmaking, I attempt to explore physical sensations and psychic emotions stemming from personal experience, female identity, sexuality, and the presence of the body. 


My practice draws on memories expressed in a visual language worked out through visceral exploration, the object of art and its subject becomes an integral aspect of the conscious understanding of this explorative journey. This passage is at the root of a series of drawings, prints, and paintings where I hope to understand myself and the body as a language.


Through female selfhood and a deeply corporeal connection to the realms of painting, I hope to convey my identity through the expressive nature of the creative act. I see this as a ritualistic and almost symbolic method of development where I gain a deeper understanding of the narrative of my existence, consciousness, and psychology, offering a lingering notion of the critical self-reflection that took place. It is this struggle of bringing together a coherent body of work that aims to further delineate the battle I have in unifying disparate yet anchored elements of personality, sexuality, and identity.

Heidi Best

Facebook: @heidijaynebest

Instagram: @heidijaynebestart

Artist Testimonial

Being asked to participate in ‘Salon Contemporary 2020’ was such an honor. It has been one of the highlights of my career as an artist. Keith and Simon were so warm, friendly, and helpful, Both are so knowledgeable and obliging. The set up is extremely professional and the finished product once all the participants had set up looked stunning. It was really great to meet all the other artists and make new friends. I can honestly say that the experience was both enlightening and rewarding. 


Keith and Simon work tirelessly to make the event a success. Going above and beyond with advertising and installing gallery partition walls to create a genuine gallery environment. The correspondence before and throughout was both professional and encouraging and I felt they really believed in me as an artist. I would recommend Salon Contemporary to any creative wishing to further their career and gain some valuable exposure. A great event meticulously planned. I truly hope that the relationships gained from partaking will continue, and I wish them all the best for the future.


Thank you Keith and Simon


Much Love


Heidi xxx

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