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Jane Boulter - Neuro Art


I am a self taught artist based in Derby. I have completed on line courses in sketching and drawing. Following YouTube tutorials gave me a feel for techniques and various mediums. I was able to use my time whilst on Furlough in 2020, to explore my creative skills. Through YouTube I discovered the technique Neuroart, which promotes mindfulness and relaxation. I have built on these skills to push the boundaries of my artwork. In the last 12 month, my work has continued to evolve, as I have experimented with different mediums such as pastel pencil, acrylic, watercolour paints, and watercolour marker pens.


I have recently used digital programme Procreate. At the heart of my work, I want to promote a sense of calm and  relaxation for me as the artist and for you the viewer. 


Facebook- @Jane Boulter Art

Instagram – Janeboulter_Artist

Artist Testimonial

My submission to the 2022 SCA Summer Exhibition was my first attempt as a self taught artist.  I was welcomed with open arms into the SCA family. I felt supported throughout the process.  As a first timer I had nothing to compare it to, but the easy access to information and the level of professionalism, was exceptional.  


From that one exhibition, I now have a network of artists, that are my friends and guiding light and inspiration. It has given me confidence to enter other exhibition both virtual e.g. Tebbs Gallery – Book Profile, or on site Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield – ‘Anything But Paint’.  


I also entered the annual competition for the online shop Wraptious that received over 5,000 entries. I will continue to put my work out there, building up my CV. I am so grateful for the opportunity Salon Contemporary Arts has given me and I wish them every success for the future

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