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Martin Davis - Painter


“Art for me is a kind of ecstasy. It feels like an intense & personal struggle to bring to life a world of accumulated memories & images during which I can often become unaware of my surroundings. Expressing myself in mark-making is half memory and half responding to the now. Painting well is exhausting and exhilarating at one and the same time, but it also acts like a balm calming my soul as nothing else can.


My drive to create art is from two distinct sources; it can be both an emotional response to words & language and visually the effects of dramatic light on colour and form. Influences and inspiration that directly result in specific work often arise from images (or even words & phrases – especially from poetry) in current affairs and the world around me. This is especially so if they strike a chord with my own past or trigger sometimes distant personal memories.


I try to use my sense of colour and love of form to raise the spirits. One of my abiding hopes is that, like music, art can serve to engender a greater sense of wellbeing – in observer and creator alike. I believe art at its best can be a simple, joyful experience as well as a vehicle for asking more difficult & fundamental questions about the human experience.” or,


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Artist Testimonial

In 2022 I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Salon Contemporary Arts annual exhibition and became immediately involved with a wonderfully friendly and supportive group of creatives who were already part of the SCA stable.


The exhibition, held at the Museum of Making, Derby, was a great introduction into the Salon and their mission to support and help develop early to mid-career artists. It was also a particular success for me to have some of my work recognized and bought by the SCA themselves as well as by their regular clientele.  


I have been delighted with the encouragement and support offered by the salon which has improved my sales and has been constant right up to the present-most recently giving me the opportunity to show the range of my work during portrait demonstrations at the Art as Gifts preview in Nov 2022.

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