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Stevie Davies - Fused Glass

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Imagine an ever changing artwork, seeing something new each time you catch a glimpse throughout the day.  Sunshine through your window moves creating delicate refractions of light that play with unique textures, the colourful shadows cast, and dance, across the table. 

Using a variety of warm glass techniques and numerous kiln firings to create each one-off wall art, sculptural works and jewellery, I manipulate layers of specialist glass, in my chosen colour combinations, to construct captivating objects. A key theme running through my arts practise is exploring ways for us to slow down, encouraging us all to take a closer look at our surroundings, to appreciate the little things in life.
Lockdown has heightened the need to focus my attention, seeking the positive aspects of the enforced time at home, not working in my studio.  The new work showcased here at Salon has been developed to include contrasting textures which encourage playful interaction with light. I seek to capture your attention, give pleasure, encourage you to notice the subtleties within each piece and indulge in some time for you. Contemplating, reflecting.  

Glass is such a fascinating material, it is familiar yet unpredictable, solid and translucent, hard but delicate. I focus on highlighting its natural shine with the application of various specialist surface finishes, individually handmade elements and sensitive colour palette. I strive to craft truly dynamic feature works of art for your home or office. 

Commissions enquiries welcome. 

Instagram: Stevie_Davies_Glass
Facebook: Stevie Davies Contemporary Glass Art


Artist Testimonial

I was honoured to be invited to showcase my glass art in this years show.  The use of an alternative venue in Derby was always an interest to me, although all the hard work put in by Keith and Simon turned a hair salon into a white walled art gallery, for a thrilling 3 day event. 

Visitors had genuine interest in the arts and I enjoyed having a large space to showcase a variety of work, seeing it all on display together enabled me to contemplate new designs and develop ideas further. 

I look forward to seeing next years show, without current government restrictions (fingers crossed). 

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