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Ray Gumbley - Photography

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A portrait photographer with a fine art and fashion slant.


The Magic – Creating, inspiring and believing in fine art photographs, which transcend time and place and can be treasured for generations!


Currently I have a studio based in Long Eaton, situated between Derby and Nottingham, but have clients and friends visiting from far beyond the borders of Derbyshire to have their photograph taken. 


The one thing that drives me is the story – the story behind the next person walking through my studio doors and creating the images they are looking for together.


My work focusses on escapism, adult play and the way people perceive themselves. How the parent working, cooking and looking after their partner day in day out dreams of escaping into another world if just, and only just, for a few moments and becoming the model, the burlesque dancer, the film star, the body shimmering and dripping in paint or a representation of a storyline in a painting they’ve seen. The person transgendering and being reborn again as their true selves, couples being open, intimate, free, creating an intimate statement for all to see and then those, those that can’t see themselves as beautiful or their hurting inside from past experiences. 


I believe that through play, everyone has that one image inside them that captures, inspires and defines them at a moment in time and together through art and photography we can create it.  

Artist Testimonial

5 Stars

In 2019 I had the opportunity and privilege of exhibiting with Salon Contemporary in Derby. If you get invited to take part or are thinking of applying to exhibit then I would suggest you don’t think twice about it and strike whilst the iron is hot because the places go fast.


It is restricted normally to just four other professional artists alongside yourself, producing exquisite and beautiful artwork and so pulls a big punch with visitors and buyers.  From the invitation to the take down its slick, organised and above all its professional.


From day one there are genuine lovers of art and collectors visiting, there’s the setting and space to show of your work to its best and there’s genuine help and mentoring by the curators and staff running it to help you make the most of the opportunity.


The exhibition has helped me build my client and social media network three-fold, make new friends in the artworld and opened up my work to new patrons and commissions for fine art portraits and prints.  It was a real pleasure to be invited to take part. 


Ray Gumbley, Fine Art Portrait Photographer


Instagram @raygumbleyphotography


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