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Julie A Turner - Watercolour


Nature and Wildlife are my inspirations in both my artwork and everyday life. I feel a sense of joy and connection to the natural world when I spot fungi or wildflowers on my walk, hear a Yellowhammer calling or catch sight of a Water Vole along the canal.

I have lived and worked in Long Eaton for most of my adult life, and have always had a passion for Nature and Wildlife, but it is only since retiring that I have discovered a passion for drawing.

As a self taught artist I have explored and experimented with a variety of media and techniques, but my greatest joy comes from pen and ink drawing and watercolour washes.

Whether it is quick observational sketches in my Nature Journal, or larger more detailed pieces, drawing with pen and ink enables me to completely focus on my subject and feel a connection to it. It is this absorbing creative process which uplifts me and fills me with joy. My watercolour washes are added later. I combine vibrant colours with the fluidity of the water to suggest the life and spirit of the subject I have captured and my great joy of connecting with it.

I am passionate about the Nature and Wildlife I see and hope that my artwork raises the profile of our natural heritage as well as supporting charities such as “The Mammal Society” and “Plantlife” with proceeds from the sale of my artwork.

You can read more about me and my artwork on my website

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Artist Testimonial

I had the great privilege of exhibiting with Salon Contemporary in June 2022. It was my first exhibition experience and I was unsure about the process and my value as an artist. I couldn’t have been in better hands! From start to finish Keith and Simon were professional and reassuring. They gave help, advice and guidance every step of the way, and were generous and supportive with their time and energy.

Salon Contemporary hired The Museum of Making in Derby for the exhibition (a beautiful setting!), provided white gallery panels and pedestals for artists to display their work, and created a “Print Salon” for artists to sell their merchandise (prints, cards, t-shirts). Keith and Simon hosted an opening event, inviting clients, buyers and collectors, encouraging all the artists to discuss their work with interested audiences. This was an amazing opportunity and a valuable experience. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of the exhibition, building my confidence as an artist, teaching me about presentation and value, introducing my work to new audiences. In addition I have made new friends and been welcomed into the Salon Contemporary Arts family.

I am so grateful to Keith and Simon for the fantastic opportunity. I would highly recommend Salon Contemporary to any artist and would personally jump at the chance to do it all again!!

Julie A Turner
Nature and Wildlife Artist

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