Information for Artists

Are you interested in exhibiting with us at our next Salon Contemporary Arts Exhibition?  Here is all the information you need to apply:

About Salon Contemporary Arts

Salon Contemporary Arts is an artist led initiative to showcase Derbyshire based talent.  Our next show will be the 5th we have produced to date, all of which provided sales for all of our participating artists.  Though no one can guarantee sales, we do have an active audience of collectors and we do our best to promote and sell your work.  Our next show will take place at the prestigious Museum of Making, Derby in 2022.

Who can apply?

Salon Contemporary Arts is designed to showcase early to mid career artists living and working in Derbyshire.  Your practice should be active and have an up to date artist CV (showing exhibitions, awards and qualifications etc).  Salon Contemporary Arts is non exclusive which means you are not tied to a contract beyond the exhibition in which you are participating.  Entry onto the website is voluntary but we reserve the right to publish photographs of the exhibition which may include your work.

Founders: Keith Newlove & Simon Cook

What makes it free? 

Commission earned by Salon Contemporary Arts and money raised from patrons is used to fund the show.  This includes production of promotional materials, catering and venue hire.

What kinds of work do we accept?

We consider all mediums for exhibition at Salon Contemporary Arts.  This includes but is not restricted to: sculpture/3D work, painting, photography, drawing, print, glass, ceramic, performance and video.

Work should be finished to a high standard and ready to exhibit.  For performance and video work there would need to be a commercial element to the work ie something you can sell.  This could be copies of the video or stills from the film (as limited edition prints.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge for participating in the exhibition.  Salon Contemporary Arts runs on a commission basis.  Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the venue.  Artists are responsible for the insurance of their own work against loss or damage.  The artist must indemnify the organisers against any claims made by a member of the public due to accident or injury caused by the artwork being incorrectly or dangerously installed.

While there is no charge for exhibiting with us, artists are expected to fully participate in the show.  This means installing and removal of your work, being present at the opening of the show and invigilation of your section during public opening days.

Full participation has become much more important as we are moving the show to the Museum of Making (Derby) in 2022.

How long does the show run for?

Typically Salon Contemporary Arts exhibitions and events run for 3 days.  The next Art Exhibition is scheduled for 13, 14 & 15 June 2022 at The Museum of Making, Derby.

How much commission will I have to pay?

Art Exhibitions:  Commission is charged at 25% of the artwork price.  

How to Apply

Please follow the instructions below:

Salon Contemporary Arts Summer Show 2022 Submission Guidance


To make a submission for our summer show 2022 which will be held at The Museum of Making (Derby), please follow the instructions outlined below.  This could be our first view of your work and your practice so please take the time to complete the submission as instructed.

Please send completed submissions to:


Your submission should be made as a Word document and saved as a PDF.  Please supply the following information.






Social media: 

Location: (town or city only)


Artist’s Bio: (max 250 words) This is a brief overview of your practice.  


Artist Statement: (max 250 words)  This is a description of the body of work you are submitting.  We are looking for a cohesive body of work to show at the exhibition.


Exhibitions:  Please list up to 5 of your most recent and/or high profile exhibitions.  List as follows:


Name of Exhibition, Venue, Dates of Exhibition.


Awards: Please list any awards you have received.  List as follows:


Name of Award, Date Received.


Education:  Please list your relevant qualifications here.  If you are self taught, please write “Self Taught”.  


List as follows:


Name of Qualification, Name of College/University, Grade, Year of completion.


Images of Work:  Please provide images of work you wish to show at the Exhibition.  Make sure the images are of good quality and show the entire work without frame.   Please supply images of 5 to 10 artworks.  These images will also be used to promote your work on social media and for the show catalogue. Insert the images into the document and provide artwork information beneath the image. 


Please follow the following format for artwork information:


Title of work, Date, Media, Dimensions, Price £


Submissions must be sent by 30 January 2022.  You will be notified by email within 2 weeks after the deadline.


Please bear in mind the following before making a submission:


  • There is no charge for submission or exhibiting with Salon Contemporary Arts.  You will only be charged commission on works sold (25%).

  • You will be required to hang your work for the show.  We are happy to help/advise on the best way to display your work.

  • You will be required to attend the opening of the show and to invigilate during the public opening hours.

  • It is advisable that you insure your work for the duration of the show.

  • We also advise that you make small prints of your work, which will be sold in the shop section of the show.  These should be mounted, labelled and bagged ready for sale (kits are available on amazon). As a guide, an A4 print in an A3 mount should be priced at around £35.00.  

  • You will also need Certificates of Authenticity for your main works on sale.

  • Dates for the show are 13, 14 &  15 June 2022. 

  • If your work is selected for the show, please make sure it is supplied ready to hang/display and is finished to a professional standard.

  • Please make sure you account for commission in your pricing (25%).  This includes prints and merchandise for sale in the shop area.

  • We are accepting submissions from Derbyshire based artists only.  Consideration may be given to artists who have a strong connection to the region.  In this case, please contact us first before making your submission.

  • All types of artwork will be considered.  If you are submitting sculpture or 3D work, you will be required to supply plinths to display the work.  Plinths do not have to be white however they should be sturdy and professionally finished.

  • 2D work will be displayed on temporary white walls.  Work cannot be displayed on museum walls.

  • Your Bio and Statement will be displayed alongside your work and in the catalogue so make it as clear and descriptive as you can. 

  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to receiving your submissions.