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Louise Bembridge - Mixed Media

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I am a Burton based artist who gained a Fine Art Degree at Derby University in 2014.  My Art comes from an autobiographical and symbolic approach as I am interested in the sense of self and narrative identity.  My enthusiasm for drawing, art journaling, mixed media and wire sculpture assist in developing a visual language and context for my creativity. 


Art and life are one and the same for me. 


My art feeds from the emotional experiences and situations that have occurred throughout my life. In turn my life is put into perspective by gaining further emotional intelligence through making art. 

My current project within my practice is The Green Dress Series. It is a collection of original drawings, prints, mixed media pieces and sculptural works. I have included a mannequin which displays an authentic Victorian nightdress.  Initially cream in colour, it has been dyed green using a washing machine dye process.  Introducing my textile skills and sculptural processes these techniques will feature within the creation.  I liked the notion of conveying the past into the present as well as bringing the context of the work together for the exhibition. 


The concept for the work evolved from my curiosity about the scheel's green dye process used throughout the Victorian  times.  The pigment, albeit fashionable during this era, contained copper and arsenic which consequently led to many deaths. 


My passion for the Preraphaelite Brotherhood, especially the works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris, have been a huge source of inspiration.  Inspired by their concepts, portrayal of women and what they perceived as notions of beauty, many of the figurative drawings play heavily upon Dante Gabriel Rossetti's muse Jane Morris.  I purposefully left out the head and hands to represent the feeling of helplessness, furthermore symbolising some of the emotional pain I have endured throughout my own life. 


In addition to my drawings and prints I wanted to incorporate some of my small scale jewellery sculptures.  These are made from fine copper wire and placed in an actual jewellery box.  They are covered in ‘modroc’ to symbolise healing from emotional torment.


Essentially drawing underpins my art practice. It serves in producing ideas as to how I will undertake the method of making. I enjoy working with wire and feel this is the appropriate material for my preoccupation.

Artist Testimonial

In September of 2019 I experienced the absolute pleasure of exhibiting my art at the Salon Contemporary. A beautiful art space that is a wonderful platform for showcasing contemporary art. 

The encounter of showing my work with Salon Contemporary was one of the utmost respect. The curation and guidance I received, in regards to my art, was so professional and helpful. 

I gained further knowledge with my practice in terms of exhibiting, presentation and costing. 

For any contemporary artists who are keen to exhibit their own work, I would highly recommend Salon Contemporary. 



Louise Bembridge. 

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