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Kim Fowler - Illustration

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Kim Fowler is a traditional style illustrator and artist who creates highly detailed drawings inspired by fairy tales, mythology, historical figures and the Art Nouveau period. Working both traditionally in pen and digitally she creates pieces of art steeped in esoteric themes, inviting the viewer to escape reality (for a while) and to delve into her imaginative imagery.


Each piece is meticulous not only in detail, but in research too. Every artwork is highly narrative, which can be seen in symbols hidden away on armour/jewellery or symbolic gestures lingering in the background. The more the look, the more you see; every inch of the paper has been worked on for approximately up to 5 months.


" I grew up reading, drawing and watching fantasy and sci-fi films; this is how my imagination was fed from an early age. Sometimes I could just stare at a picture, not even a famous piece of art, just a poster or a print on a wall, and make stories up in my head in relation to characters or scenes. It is my ultimate wish to do this for other people. I think any form of escapism is important, especially in the current climate, and this is the ultimate strength and importance of art. If I can provide a window (into another world) for someone, even for just a few moments, I will be greatly humbled."


Kim currently works from her studio at the Art Room in Long Eaton, Nottingham.


K i m  F o w l e r


Artist Testimonial

I found exhibiting at the Salon of Contemporary, with 4 other artists, a very positive and worthwhile experience. It was very well organised and there was plenty of space to display my pieces. Extra ‘furniture’ was also provided to make the gallery space look more professional.


The selected artists complimented each other well, and were all of a high standard, making the show a strong one. The visitors who attended were all very appreciative of the work on display and all seemed to enjoy the experience.


It was a pleasure to be part of and I hope that the event continues to take place every year to promote local artists and the arts in general.

Kim Fowler


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